Saturday, June 7, 2008

Like not LOVE!

So we thought that Ashna would love soccer! Little did we know it is going to be this painful!!!

Don't get me wrong, Ashna likes to play soccer, like any other 3.5 yr old girl does. But she doesn't LOVE it. On top of it, she is taught to "share" toys with other kids; and soccer totally defies that mantra! She makes this face (you know, the one where everyone goes "Awww") when the soccer ball is taken from her. It's like she is saying, "What just happened? Why did someone snatch the ball from me??"

When it's practice time, she loves it. When the coach asks to warm up before the "real" thing, she is there. She loves to do all those excercises and she has fun with it. I mean, take a look at these...

In fact, when it's time to have a race from this end to that, my lil' Ashna usually is the first or the second (you bet I am a proud dad!)

It's when the actual time of playing comes when the pain begins (oh! for me, that is...). She looks at everyone around as if saying, "You all need to share, and take turns!!!"

In fact, in between, she is nice enough to take time out and see her friend Maddy's little brother!

She loves him, and every time she sees him at Goddard, she invariably stops by and plays with him. I guess she is giving her parents (for those who joined late, that's us!) a hint?

Anyways, so where were we??

Oh! Yeah. Soccer...

So there, that's our problem; a hyper-active kid who likes soccer, but doesn't LOVE it (I am not so soccer crazy myself), and who just can't seem to understand why other kids are "snatching" the ball away from others rather than taking turns and playing together...

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