Friday, March 21, 2008

The two angels

So I had the friday off, and I thought, "At last, some time to myself. It will be as if I am having a long weekend, and I can finally open a 6 pack and enjoy the beautiful day."

I think I must have thought out loud, 'coz my wife heard it! She asks why have our little one needs to go to the school when the good-for-nothing fella (that's me, by the way) is sitting at home doing nothing? I didn't have a proper answer (I did say Umm, hmm, and some other syllables...). So she decides to have Ashna skip the school. As fate would have it, our good friend had some minor problems and so couldn't keep their daughter in school. So come along, I told my friend (actually my wife asked them to drop her with me rather than worry too much about it). So I had 2 angels for the whole day and all I had to do was to keep them happy. So easy...

I decided to shoot a couple of pictures of them. Here they are, giggling and snuggling together when they should be taking their naps. I am standing at the stairs leading upstairs and give them a yell, they look at me, and snap! I take their picture :)

Of course, now that they see a camera in my hand, they are both up! I told them that they should be napping; and that they need to act their age, all 3.5 years! But somehow, they didn't listen.
Ah well, I took another picture.

One thing is certain! The two angels became two little devils by the time it was "my" nap time. They did NOT let me sleep when I wanted to.

Oh! Did I mention, they did go to sleep later on, both of them, once they were certain that I wasn't going to take my nap...

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