Sunday, April 26, 2009


I went mountain hiking, and loved the look that these trees gave with the backdrop which yelled rain. Wind was beginning to make it's presence felt, and the usually calm trees were beginning to as if shout, "Give us legs, we need to get out of here...".


Boy, that sounded good. To be honest, this was taken in Downtown Chicago, from my friend's apartment. But the other story sounded much better...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Downtown visit.

While visiting our friends downtown Chicago, my daughter wanted to take our pictures. I am pleased to say that I only had to tell her once when she first wanted to use my camera that she needs to leave equal space on the sides when she is taking someone's pictures. As you can see, the pictures have us in the middle and she did a pretty good job taking this picture. Converted it to B&W, going with my tradition...Us

Both Ashna & Aman had fun playing together. Aman told his parents that once we (Ashna's parents) go to sleep, he is going to play with Ashna. I am going to keep a real eye on these guys from hereon!


Incidentally, Aman likes taking pictures too! That and the picture above, you don't have to be a genius to put two and two together! Hmm, where are my NRA forms???
Aman with "his" camera!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yumm, Pizza time...

I think Giordano's are the best pizza, period; and while my wife may disagree, she's not writing this blog, is she??

Image 002

Monday, April 13, 2009

Deep Thought

While other kids were playing and having fun, our deep thinker: Vishav was in his own world!

Deep Thought

Fun times in WI Dells!

We went to WI Dells for a 2 day visit with friends & family. The weather outside was like mid 40s, but the indoor water resort was perfect. The kids had fun and I got a chance to take some pictures. I couldn't take many, I was busy enjoying myself. But I did take a few pictures with the kids, so thought this would be perfect for updating the blog after *such* a long time!

Keeping with the Black&White tradition, I am putting here one B&W picture.


Once she was done posing, she wanted a picture taken with her friend: Hriday. I am keeping this one as a colored one, because I want to see one B&W and one color one side by side to see which one would go better. But either way, both the pictures came out really good, IMHO!


Monday, April 6, 2009

When grainy pictures are okay...

So the other day I asked Ashna to adjust her cap while I was trying to take a picture of her. That didn't turn out that great, and the lighting messed it up. Anyways, so Ashna wanted to take a picture, and of course, she asked me to wear a cap and adjust it the same way I asked her to and this is what she took. The lighting again, is not that good and the picture is grainy. To top it, it has me in it!!! But since Ashna took this picture, it's special nonetheless...

Ashna taking the picture