Saturday, April 25, 2009

Downtown visit.

While visiting our friends downtown Chicago, my daughter wanted to take our pictures. I am pleased to say that I only had to tell her once when she first wanted to use my camera that she needs to leave equal space on the sides when she is taking someone's pictures. As you can see, the pictures have us in the middle and she did a pretty good job taking this picture. Converted it to B&W, going with my tradition...Us

Both Ashna & Aman had fun playing together. Aman told his parents that once we (Ashna's parents) go to sleep, he is going to play with Ashna. I am going to keep a real eye on these guys from hereon!


Incidentally, Aman likes taking pictures too! That and the picture above, you don't have to be a genius to put two and two together! Hmm, where are my NRA forms???
Aman with "his" camera!

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