Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun times in WI Dells!

We went to WI Dells for a 2 day visit with friends & family. The weather outside was like mid 40s, but the indoor water resort was perfect. The kids had fun and I got a chance to take some pictures. I couldn't take many, I was busy enjoying myself. But I did take a few pictures with the kids, so thought this would be perfect for updating the blog after *such* a long time!

Keeping with the Black&White tradition, I am putting here one B&W picture.


Once she was done posing, she wanted a picture taken with her friend: Hriday. I am keeping this one as a colored one, because I want to see one B&W and one color one side by side to see which one would go better. But either way, both the pictures came out really good, IMHO!


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