Sunday, June 28, 2009

Walk for Life - National Kidney Foundation of Illinois

My wife always thought that in today's hectic day and age, she could never do anything for others. All the time we had was always spent on us. And while family is very important, so is giving something back to the society. So when she found out about Baxter's "Walk for Life", for the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, she jumped in. My 4 year old daughter who, if I may, is turning out just like her mother (which is why I love her even more), also wanted to "walk": just like momma. So come June 28th, both Mom and our lil' pumpkin, went to Baxter's campus; where a couple of buses were chartered to take everyone to downtown Chicago. Thumbs up for Baxter!

So my wife (who hasn't been in practice of walking 3 miles) and Ashna (with a stroller -- just in case) took part in the walk.

Ashna & Shivani

From what I was told, the walk was really good, since it was at the lakefront. It was a perfect day to be outdoors (so I am told!) and they seemed to enjoy every bit of it.

At the waterfront

I participated as well. I mean, I didn't walk, per se. But hey, I did wake up early to drop them off at Baxter so that they could get the bus on time. Don't forget, I even picked them up when they came back. So, all in all, all of us did something for the NKFI's walk for life. Now who's counting...?

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