Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend - Downtown Chicago

Navy Pier - Chicago has fireworks every Saturday over the summer, so we had planned our stay such that we could go there. We headed out to Navy Pier in the evening and came back after the same-old-yet-amazing fireworks there.

Some random pictures taken at Navy Pier and the ferry ride...

The Chicago skyline is something I never get tired of taking pictures of. Somehow, every time I take a pic of it, it seems "new". Hopefully, you won't get tired of watching it either...

The ferris wheel - that goes around at the speed of revolving earth - was a drag! But since I had the camera, why not take some weird pictures and make it look "artistic", eh??

Ferris 1

 Another angle - just to make you reach the snooze button faster.
   Ferris 2

And in case you are still up, hey, here's another one!
   Ferris 3

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